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HawgJive Online Newsletter Archive

This is the HawgJive Newsletter page. Here you can find the current newsletter as well as past issues. To read online just click the newsletter you are interested in and select open. To download, right click and "Save Target As" You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to read these newsletters, link to Adobe at bottom of page. 

All Newsletters are password protected and intended for Chapter members only.

2017 Newsletters

2017-01.HawgJive.pdf 2017-07.HawgJive.pdf
2017-02.HawgJive.pdf 2017-08.HawgJive.pdf
2017-03.HawgJive.pdf 2017-08.HawgJive.pdf
2017-05.HawgJive.pdf 2017-10.HawgJive.pdf

2016 Newsletters

2016-01.HawgJive.pdf 2016-07.HawgJive.pdf
2016-02.HawgJive.pdf 2016-08.HawgJive.pdf
2016-03.HawgJive.pdf 2016-09.HawgJive.pdf
2016-04.HawgJive.pdf 2016-10.HawgJive.pdf
2016-05.HawgJive.pdf 2016-11.HawgJive.pdf
2016-06.HawgJive.pdf 2016-12.HawgJive.pdf

2015 Newsletters

2015-01.HawgJive.pdf 2015-07.HawgJive.pdf
2015-02.HawgJive.pdf 2015-08.HawgJive.pdf
2015-04.HawgJive.pdf 2015-10.HawgJive.pdf
2015-05.HawgJive.pdf 2015-11.HawgJive.pdf
2015-06.HawgJive.pdf 2015-12.HawgJive.pdf

2014 Newsletters

2014-01.HawgJive.pdf 2014-07.HawgJive.pdf
2014-01.HawgJive.pdf 2014-08.HawgJive.pdf
2014-03.HawgJive.pdf 2014-09.HawgJive.pdf
2014-04.HawgJive.pdf 2014-10.HawgJive.pdf
2014-05.HawgJive.pdf 2014-11.HawgJive.pdf
2014-06.HawgJive.pdf 2014-12.HawgJive.pdf

2013 Newsletters

2013-01.HawgJive.pdf 2013-07.HawgJive.pdf
2013-02.HawgJive.pdf 2013-08.HawgJive.pdf
2013-03.HawgJive.pdf 2013-09.HawgJive.pdf
2013-04.HawgJive.pdf 2013-10.HawgJive.pdf
2013-05.HawgJive.pdf 2013-11.HawgJive.pdf
2013-06.HawgJive.pdf 2013-12.HawgJive.pdf

2012 Newsletters

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2009 Newsletters

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